Seven Fantastic Pubs And Bars To Visit In Italy This Winter

Mon, 12/16/2019 - 11:47

With the Christmas and New Year season drawing in, there are many reasons to seek out the nearest pub or bar in Italy. A well-earned break between Christmas shopping. The work's do. A place to see in the New Year. I've come up with seven good locales to try out this Winter – Saluti!


The Friends Pub, Milan

When putting this article together, the Friends Pub's Marcello Pinzoni was kind enough to contact me with regards to what visitors can expect this Winter at the “authentic English pub”.

“The Christmas period for our Pub is the time of the year where new and old friends gather and toast together,” says Marcello. “For the New Year's Eve, the “Milanese citizen” has two choices: celebrate it at home with friends and relatives or leave home and decide to celebrate it in a restaurant or club.”

“The expectation of that Milanese (and well-informed tourists) who decide to entrust their evening to a club is very high: everyone expects excellent food quality, top-notch entertainment and an experience that is close to the "fashion victim" of a city in continuous growth, destined to get on the podium of European capitals. This expectation is very high because anyone expects amazing entertainment, music with international DJs and every kind of models that fill the hall. This is exactly what you expect from Milan and you are ready to pay an high price for this.”

“The Friends Pub is quite the opposite. At the Pub, the evenings are held on people.”

“If you read all the positive reviews of The Friends Pub on Trip Advisor or Google, nobody talks about the quality of the food or type of tapped beers. They talk about the atmosphere. This is the "Secret" of the Pub.”

“A magical environment where their personalities, together with thousands of others, come together in perfect harmony where lifetime Friends meet the customers of the last hour, and to the sound of tinkling pints dripping with beer they give life to the magic of The Friends. Episodes, stories, and legends become part of the night.”

“For this reason, at New Year's Eve, you will find nothing but The Friends Pub.

We have created a dedicated menu for the evening that you will find described perfectly on our website

(Thanks to Marcello Pinzoni for his contribution to my article)


Salotto42, Rome

This charming bookbar in Rome's piazza di pietra is a splendid option for those who want to spend those long Winter evenings in a relaxed and unique environment.

Since its introduction in 2004, Salotto42 continues to enjoy great popularity, and an extra plus point is that it can put on special banqueting and catering services in a private location. If your boss is looking for that plush place to hold the Christmas work dinner, get in contact with Salotto42, pronto!


The Amadeus, Emilia Romagna

A big benefit of The Amadeus is that it caters for group events – which will prove to be a big boon this busy Winter season. It puts on business and team dinners, as well as kids' birthday parties. Whether it's the annual Christmas shindig for your business or work company or a December baby's birthday, hurry to the phone or website and contact The Amadeus to book an event!

The Amadeus is well known for its unique and tasty dishes. Where else can you enjoy Tyrolean with porcini mushrooms or alla cacciatora beans with sausage and Mexican? It's also recognised for its special beer-based cocktails, which include Paternoster, Sangria, Stainow and Carnaby Street. Toast the festive season with one of these great cocktails or one of its wide range of beers from around the world.


CAIPIRA Cocktail Club & Brazilian Food, Molise

This collection of Winter Wonderlands includes a cross-section of different backgrounds and cultures. Molise's CAIPIRA Cocktail Club & Brazilian Food is no exception, and is a sure-fire destination to visit this season if you're after Brazilian style food, drinks and ambience.

It's effectively a two-in-one affair, with the restaurant and cocktail music bar. The delicious fresh food available includes picanha, churrasco (spit-roasted meat), Brazilian meats, fishes, vegetables, and appetisers. It's a good place to come for a Christmas or New Year party.

Once you've dined, the cocktail music bar is a nice place to chill out in the company of live music. The atmosphere isn't formal, instead welcoming everyone into the fold. Grab a cocktail, sit back and enjoy the tunes this Winter.


Bar SE·STO, Arno

If, like me, you find that there's nothing better than enjoying good food and drink with an equally fantastic view, then Bar SE·STO is the place to be this Winter.

One of the biggest selling points of Bar SE·STO is its incredible views of Florence. Make your way up to the sixth level of the bar, where the glass-plated views give way to the Florentine buildings, churches and the Tuscan hills. What could be better than looking out at the Winter skies and lights with a cocktail or glass of wine in your hand?

The gourmet cuisine is a very classy deal too. The Michelin-background cooking will suit all tastes from dedicated food lovers to those wishing to try out a brand new culinary experience.

All in all, a stylish locale to try this Winter.


Oscar Wilde Pub, Marche

If it's a cosy pub experience you're seeking this Winter, you won't go wrong with the traditional Irish pub set-up. One of the finest of its kind in Italy is Marche's Oscar Wilde pub.

Based in Jesi, Ancona, the acclaimed Oscar Wilde pub follows the roots of the Irish pubs which began all those years ago in the 10th century. The popularity of these pubs has spread worldwide and the Oscar Wilde pub is a great place to meet up with friends and family this Winter. The food and drink are well worth the money, and for a lively, traditional way to see in the New Year, this will be just the ticket.


Il Mercante, Venice

While it's always a pleasure to sample the best cocktails this Winter, it's a bonus when they are made with the freshest products.

That's what Il Mercante can offer for customers all year round. By using fresh products in the drinks, this means less waste and greater sustainability. Tasty cocktails, but with an eye on unique, healthy ingredients.

Il Mercante is the perfect spot to visit in between bouts of Christmas shopping – situated in picturesque Venice, the bar can be found in front of the Basilica dei Frari. You'll get a warm welcome from the friendly bar staff, who serve their drinks with a smile, making you feel instantly at home.