Oristano (Sardinia)

Oristano is city and capital of the Province of Oristano in the central-western part of the island of Sardinia. The economy of the city is based mainly on services, agriculture, tourism and small industries. The Tower of St. Christophoros, the Torrione ("Big Tower") of Portixedda, St. Mary's Cathedral are Sa Sartiglia, otherwise known at its inception as Sartilla, is an equestrian tournament held in Oristano for the past 500 years on Carnival Sunday and Mardi Gras. The tournament on Sunday is organized by the Corporation (Gremio) of farmers, whereas that on Mardi Gras is organised by the Gremio of carpenters.

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Our recipe of the week is made with "fregula", similar to couscous but with a more toothsome bite. This grain is typical to Sardinia and best serves with a delicious clam sauce. 

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Does anyone know if RyanAir is the only airline that flies from Rome to Sardinia, direct.

Hi, I am starting the process of building a simple minimalist studio space in Sardegna (no interiors walls, no bathroom and just a small kitchen) and I am looking for a good and trustworthy Geometra. I was wondering if anyone here had a good experience and could recommend one.