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@AudreyL asks:

Hello, We are planning a wedding at The Church of Saint Anne in the Vatican known as Sant'Anna de' Parafrenieri coming May 2018. The church has informed us that they have no English speaking celebrant. Can anyone please help with can is the best option?

@AubreyO asks:

Good day all!Looking for an idea on what town is ideal for us to plan a small intimate wedding, and rent a villa? Somewhere quiet and relaxing, possibly with a vineyard and pool.  Looking for the months of June or July. Thank you in advance!

@kageorge asks:

Hello everyone!I am looking forward to get married next year in Verona, but I am reallyyy struggling to find a hairdresser that can come to my hotel on my wedding day and do my hair as well as my bridesmaids. Please can you share any recommendtions with me.  Muchhhh appreciated :-) Lou