Novara di Sicilia (Sicily)

Novara di Sicilia is a town in the Metropolitan City of Messina, in the Italian region of Sicily. The village, nestled in the mountains overlooking ancient Tyndaris and Abacaenum and with notable views of the Aeolian Islands, is the archetype of a typical medieval town. There are five churches. The 16th century Cathedral is in the Piazza Duomo. The churches and palace ruins were constructed by the craftsmen of the town. Other churches include Santa Maria di Noara, S. Nicolò, S. Antonio, S. George and Annunziata. There are also palaces from the 16th through 18th centuries. The anthropological museum, which features tools of local farmers and artisans as well as displaying the early culture of the local people, is also of note. The intricate cobbled streets form a mosaic between the ancient small houses that stand shoulder to shoulder along the mountainside.

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Recipes From Sicily


A Medieval dish of purity that can be both savory or sweet


Eggplant is the star of this popular southern Italian dish, we tell you how to make caponata siciliana di melanzane at home. 

Cibo da strada or street food has existed since ancient times and Sicily’s capital is noted for deep fried delights such as cazzilli (potato croquettes), quaglie (eggplant quails) and panelle (chickpea fritters)
A chocolate that dates back to the ancient culture of the Aztecs, arriving to the charming Baroque town of Modica makes for the perfect main ingredient for this rustic Italian cake.

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Hi, we are looking at purchasing a 2nd home in Sicily and are currently doing as much research as possible.  I think we are aware of most of the potential problems and the agent we are in touch with has been honest and helpful and was born in Sicily.


I am looking for ways to move to Italy.  My parents were from Sicily and I reached out the embassy to get an Italian Passport but because my parents relinquished theirs to for the US I am not eligible.  Any ideas ???


Thank you in advance.



@scottkeat asks:

Me and the wife dived on in and bought a small home outside of Monreale (PA), sight unseen from USA. We’ve been granted permission to see/secure it and one of the major tasks is to get utilities up and running. Does anyone have advice about electricity, gas, water, internet, garbage?