This Pasta With Oranges Has Subtle Tastes of American Breakfast (But Won’t Send Italians Into a Tizzy)

Francine Segan | Wed, 05/22/2024 - 03:20
Oranges at a market
Oranges at a market / Photo: Giorgia Carlini via Shutterstock
Difficulty Level
Cooking Time
20 minutes

This dish delivers rich flavor with only a few ingredients — the hallmark of great Italian home cooking. Featuring orange juice and crisp Italian “bacon,” the dish’s flavor profile has a subtle breakfast-for-dinner vibe.

Oranges, introduced into Sicily by Arab traders in the ninth century, have an astonishingly savory-sweet quality, so it’s no wonder that there are hundreds of pasta and orange dishes throughout Italy. The trick here is to cook the sauce slowly so the orang

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