Livorno (Tuscany)

Livorno is a port city on the Ligurian Sea on the western coast of Tuscany. It was founded in 1017 as a coastal fortress to defend Pisa that, at that time, was one of the four Maritime Republics in Italy. During the Middle Ages, Livorno belonged to Genoa and then to Florence: the evidence of those times is a couple of towers and the wall inside the Fortezza Vecchia (Old Fort), later built in the sixteenth century. The main attractions of the city are: the Terrazza Mascagni, named after the great composer Pietro Mascagni, the Four Moors statue, the Fortezza Vecchia and the Fortezza Nuova. In the city center, there is the Quartiere Venezia, set for "Effetto Venezia", a festival featuring shows, food and wine events, traditional markets that takes place every year in July.

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Recipes From Tuscany


Castagnaccio is a traditional sweet treat from Tuscany, made with chestnut flour and marvelous for fall.


The first chilly fall evenings call for a satisfyingly hearty grain and legume soup.


Pappa al pomodoro---a piatto povero, “poor-man’s dish,” is another such creation by Tuscan farmers to make use of stale bread and bumper crops of tomatoes, a New World food introduced into Italy in the 16thc.

Made with an olive oil-enrichened bread dough and studded with fresh rosemary and sweet sultanas, these delightfully sticky, criss-crossed buns were traditionally served on giovedì santo or Holy Thursday in the Renaissance city.

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@linmuir asks:

Can anyone give some advice or insight into a shock tax bill I've received 2 years and 11 months after purchasing my house in Tuscany? I've received, out of the blue, a brief email from the estate agents that the sale of my property was made through.

@jacthe asks:

Hi there, to this forum and would appreciate any help. I'm sure this will be the first of many questions.

@JanJ asks:

We are planning to drive over to our place in northern Tuscany in April with a van load of furniture (all second hand) bits and bobs for the house etc but I have suddenly realised that this may not be as straightforward as it was pre brexit!! What are the rules regarding transporting stuff now?