Castagnaccio: Tuscany’s Chestnut Cake

Francine Segan | Thu, 10/06/2022 - 10:22
baked castagnaccio

Freshly baked castagnaccio / Photo courtesy of Aurelio Barattini

Difficulty Level
Cooking Time
40 minutes

There are so many ways to enjoy chestnuts. A wonderful autumn treat, chestnuts are delicious served roasted as a snack, but can also be dried and then ground into chestnut flour. The resulting flavorful flour is then used to create delicious pasta, breads and desserts like this one.

Castagnaccio, a traditional sweet treat from Tuscany made with chestnut flour, is both gluten- and sugar-free.  The combination of chestnut flour and raisins is so naturally sweet that castagna

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