Roccascalegna (Abruzzo)

Roccascalegna is a town in the province of Chieti, part of the Abruzzo region of Italy. The village is located at the foot of the fortress and is composed of houses in turn composed of one or two floors, partly ruined by the carelessness up to become a ruin and partly restored to be inhabited site in the track that leads that follows the feet of Monticello where is the site of the castle. Track ending at the access of the castle itself at the church of San Pietro. The Castle of Roccascalegna dominates, on a spur with sides a ravine, Valle del Riosecco, tributary to the left of the Sangro.

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Recipes From Abruzzo


This show-stopper of a cake from Abruzzo has three layers of flavored sponge cake and two layers of rich custard for a decadent dessert.


These ring-shaped cookies, common in central and southern Italy, are made with olive oil and wine...perfect for setting out on the table with coffee or tea when guests drop by! 



In Abruzzo, the soffione is a traditional Easter dessert, though its growing popularity means you can now find it year-round in many bakeries throughout the region.


Legumes form the base for this Abruzzese country-style soup, a humble but delicious dish that uses not only the chickpeas, but also their cooking liquid, leaving nothing to waste.

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@k_ciolli asks:

We are purchasing a home in the Chieti region of Abruzzo. It comes with about 20+ acres of scrub farmland. Nothing is growing on it now but weeds and scrub brush. What would it take to obtain a declaration of an Agritourismo on this land?

@SRodgers asks:

Are there any English speakers in the greater Pescara area? My husband and I are near Citta Sant’Angelo, not permanent residents but we visit four times a year for about eight weeks in total. We are learning Italian but are at a very basic level.

@mozart asks:

We are at last taking possession of our flat in Villa Sant'Angelo, L'Aquila and will be there from 16-23 May this year.