Tortoreto (Abruzzo)

Tortoreto is a coastal town of the province of Teramo, in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It has two distinct parts. The old town is on a hill not far from the Adriatic Sea. The new part, usually referred to as Tortoreto Lido, is seaside and located next to SS 16. During summer season the main economic activity is tourism. Its geographic position, climate, facilities and environmental projects, have all been planned or used to further tourism. Tortoreto has been awarded the European Blue Flag in 1992 and, then, from 1998 until 2018. Fishing was a common activity in Tortoreto before tourism and it continues on a smaller scale to the present.

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@queencafe asks:

Is it still a buyers market to buy a property in Italy in Abruzzo or Tuscany area with the changes in taxation for foreigners ? I know this is a very broad question but we like to purchase a two to three bedroom house or aprt near coastal area . Thank you

@RossB asks:

Hi my family have just bought a small house in Vicoli, Abruzzo and are looking for some one who can do some regular maintenance on the property gardening painting etc and also looking for a builder who can construct a dog run in the garden. Any help on thus would be hugely welcomed. R.

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Hello there,

Can anybody please recommend a good English speaking conveyancing solicitor/ lawyer in the Abruzzo please?

TIA, Nick