Pici all'Etrusca: Pici With Etruscan Pesto

Thu, 04/06/2023 - 13:10
Pici with Etruscan Pesto, photo by Francine Segan
Difficulty Level
Cooking Time
20 minutes

Pesto has been made in Italy since ancient Roman times, with variations in the types of herbs, nuts, cheeses and even spices. In ancient times, it was common to thicken these pesto sauces with breadcrumbs and even eggs.

While classic pesto Genovese is made with basil, pine nuts, oil and Parmesan cheese, Pesto all’Etrusca features aged pecorino and a mix of herbs — basil, parsley, and mint. It also omits the pine nuts and instead includes delightfully unexpected boiled eggs

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