Pisticci (Basilicata)

Pisticci is a town comune in the province of Matera, in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata. It is known for being the production site of Amaro Lucano, one of the most famous Italian liqueurs.

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@Giupg asks:

Hi, is it possible to have an australian nursing degree recognised in Italy? 

@Simrose asks:

Hi all, we've been in Italy for some time and realise that because all our income is in the UK, we haven't done an Italian Tax Return.Does anyone know of a good commercialista in Puglia or Basilicata that can help us -  it would help if they spoke some english. Thanks

Hi, We currently have a holiday home in Basilicata, our house is near Pisticci, we were wondering if anyone could recommend  trades people in the area that fit  bathrooms/kitchens, we are also looking for trades people who can build external walls and supply and erect fencing/gates.