Cannobio (Piedmont)

Cannobio is a town and comune on the river Cannobino and the shore of Lago Maggiore in Piedmont. The dynamic commercial character of the town is still seen today in the many fine 17th to 19th century buildings lining the streets and the cobbled lanes of the historic centre. Examples are the 16th century Palazzo Omacini and Palazzo Pironi, with its unusual wedge-shaped profile reminiscent of the prow of a ship. Cannobio’s lakefront is one of the finest promenades on Lake Maggiore. Some of the buildings both on the lakefront and further back in the old part of town date back over 600 years, from when Cannobio was a renowned smuggling town, and most of these have been restored in fine style. From one, Giuseppe Garibaldi addressed the people of Cannobio in 1859, and on another stands a plaque celebrating an important event in Cannobio in 1627. Each building is painted a different colour, creating a traditional Italian port scene. To one side of the Piazza is Cannobio’s old harbour, which houses the sailing, rowing and speedboats belonging to the locals. Cannobio has its own "Lido" at the north end of town with a large sandy beach. The beach has a European Union Blue Flag for its cleanliness and facilities.

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Recipes From Piedmont


Agnolotti, little bundles of fresh pasta that are filled with anything from a mix of meats to vegetables, are an iconic dish of the Piedmont region of northern Italy.


This baked cake has a surprisingly delicate almond flavor. Enjoy a slice with coffee or tea, or a glass of amaretto liqueur.


Corzetti (also called curzetti and croxetti), an especially uniquely shaped pasta, has been popular since the middle ages and get its name from corzetto, a 14th century Genoa coin.


Pesche ripiene piemontesi is a typical Piedmontese dessert made with peaches and crushed amaretti that you often find on the menus during the summer season. 

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