Casale Monferrato (Piedmont)

Casale Monferrato is a town in the Piedmont region in Italy, in the province of Alessandria. It is situated about 60 km (37 mi) east of Turin on the right bank of the Po, where the river runs at the foot of the Montferrat hills. Beyond the river lies the vast plain of the Po valley. The cathedral is the most important religious building in Casale Monferrato, an example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture and rich in works of art. Other attractions are Jewish Synagogue, built in 1595 and with an impressive interior that testifies to the importance of this community, the Civic Museum, the Castle and the Theatre. There are also many Baroque palaces, including those of Saint George, the Town Hall, the Gozzani Palace of Treville, and the Ottolenghi and Mumico Palaces, and several other churches, some of which are quite imposing.

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Recipes From Piedmont



Pesche ripiene piemontesi is a typical Piedmontese dessert made with peaches and crushed amaretti that you often find on the menus during the summer season. 

This week, we use one of Northern Italy's best red wines, Barolo, in a beautiful risotto dish adorned with adorable heart-shaped slices of Fontina cheese.
Salsa Verde (green sauce) is a recipe from Piedmont usually served with Bollito
Arrosto alle nocciole delle Langhe

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@sbthorne asks:

NEIGHBOURS DOG NOISE IN THE COUNTRYSIDECan anyone advise what the regulations are on control of dogs on private land? I live up a hillside with one adjoining neighbour who has two dogs. The dogs are kept permanently outside and are for 'security' I'm told.

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Hi, we are looking at moving to the Piedmont area from UK. We have 2 horses and was interested to see if there are any other horse owners in the area. Our search has just stated for property so would be very grateful for any advice on any restrictions etc.many thanks

@skian asks:

Hello, I'm seeking information for a new roof in Piedmonte, and if there are any government assistance programs for restoring rustic roofs in italy.We rescently purchased a small rustic in the village of Exilles in the Piedmonte area.