Domodossola (Piedmont)

Domodossola is a city in the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, in the region of Piedmont, northern Italy. It is situated at the confluence of the Bogna and Toce Rivers. The major attraction of Domodossola is the Sacro Monte del Calvario (Calvary), built in 1657 by Capuchin monks, and designated UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003. The complex, built in Baroque style, comprises twelve chapels illustrating the Passion of Christ, and lies within the Special Nature Reserve of the Sacro Monte of Domodossola along with the medieval Mattarella Castle, of which only the walls remain visible. The castle was destroyed in 1415 by Swiss soldiers to conquer the Ossola and seize it from the Duchy of Milan. Other attractions are the Civic Museum of the Simplon, the Collegiate Church and the Teatro Galletti.

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Recipes From Piedmont


Agnolotti, little bundles of fresh pasta that are filled with anything from a mix of meats to vegetables, are an iconic dish of the Piedmont region of northern Italy.


This baked cake has a surprisingly delicate almond flavor. Enjoy a slice with coffee or tea, or a glass of amaretto liqueur.


Corzetti (also called curzetti and croxetti), an especially uniquely shaped pasta, has been popular since the middle ages and get its name from corzetto, a 14th century Genoa coin.


Pesche ripiene piemontesi is a typical Piedmontese dessert made with peaches and crushed amaretti that you often find on the menus during the summer season. 

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