Asolo (Veneto)

Asolo is a town in the Veneto Region of Northern Italy. It is known as "The Pearl of the province of Treviso", and also as "The City of a Hundred Horizons" for its mountain settings. It’s one of the most beautiful 'Borghi d'Italia' (villages in Italy). Originally the town had been settled by the Veneti and in the early Middle Ages it was under the possession of the Ezzelino family. Asolo had been under the possession of the Republic of Venice. The center point of the town is the main piazza of Asolo, Piazza Garibaldi which has a beautiful 16th-century fountain and is the most active part of the town. The castle, the fortress, the theater, the Palazzo della Ragione and the City Museum are all located close to the square. The famous Asolo Theater was built here in 1798 by Antonio Locatelli. The Asolo area produces excellent certified wines. The local dishes include risotto, rabbit, omelet with salami, cornmeal mush, goose, red chicory with lard and other dishes influenced by the Venetian tradition.

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Bigoli (or bigoi in the Veneto dialect) are a thick, spaghetti-like pasta typical of the Veneto and eastern Lombardy.


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The most notable and frequently-made cocktail by professional bartenders around the world
The typical Venetian Carnival sweet.

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