Suvereto (Tuscany)

Suvereto is a town in the Province of Livorno, in the Italian region Tuscany. It is located between the hills and the shining sea on the Etruscan Coast. Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Suvereto is immersed in the green Val di Cornia. The town is a treasure chest of wonders: its walls are home to characteristic medieval alleys, stone houses, historic palaces and evocative churches. All around are endless forests and chestnut, oak and, of course, cork trees, the latter being where the town gets its name from. Dominating this little gem from the hilltop above, outside the town walls, is the Rocca Aldobrandesca, reminding us of the historic medieval settlement. The defense walls enclose many beautiful buikdings, such as the Romanesque Church of San Giusto, and the Church of the Madonna di Sopra la Porta.

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Recipes From Tuscany


Castagnaccio is a traditional sweet treat from Tuscany, made with chestnut flour and marvelous for fall.


The first chilly fall evenings call for a satisfyingly hearty grain and legume soup.


Pappa al pomodoro---a piatto povero, “poor-man’s dish,” is another such creation by Tuscan farmers to make use of stale bread and bumper crops of tomatoes, a New World food introduced into Italy in the 16thc.

Made with an olive oil-enrichened bread dough and studded with fresh rosemary and sweet sultanas, these delightfully sticky, criss-crossed buns were traditionally served on giovedì santo or Holy Thursday in the Renaissance city.

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Im seeking an Experienced & Fully-certified English-speaking GENERAL CONTRACTOR (PROJECT MANAGER) for a Tuscan home Im seeking to renovate in the Massa Carrara vicinity.

If you are this person or have knowledge of such an individual, do pass me their coordinates.

Ok...all good so far...hope all you wonderful people are ok...

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We (anne and kent) are booked next April for 7 weeks in Florence in a VRBO .........

Thoughts ?

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