Cervia (Emilia Romagna)

Cervia is a town in the province of Ravenna, in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Cervia is a seaside resort on the Adriatic Riviera thanks to its 10-kilometre (6 mi) shore characterised by sandy beaches. The city has successfully gained the environmental EMAS certification thanks to its green areas and its harmonic touristic development and every year, since 1998, Cervia has also received the important “Bandiera Blu (Blue Flag)” award. Surrounded by more than 300 hectares of pinewood and 827 hectares of salt pans, it is a natural oasis with a large bird population. The most important monuments are the Cathedral (Santa Maria Assunta), built in 1699–1702, the Museum of Salt, the Communal Palace and the St. Michael Tower.

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Two specialties of Italy, panforte “strong bread” and its predecessor panpepato “peppered bread”, are not breads at all, but closer to fruitcakes featuring many spices. 


It’s hard to imagine an improvement on Emilia-Romagna’s classic meat sauce, but Chef Igor Morini adds several inspirations to this traditional dish. 

The odd golden rhomboids are called, spoja lorda, “dirty dough” and are yet another ode to the wonderful regionality of Italian cuisine. This pasta is little know even in other parts of Emilia-Romagna.

Our writer Cindy gives us the best recipe for homemade whole-grain 'tagliatelle,' a fresh pasta that is easier to make then it seems, from the northern and central areas of Italy 

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Holiday Rental

We have residency in Italy and are thinking of renting out our property in Emilia-Romagna through Airbnb and have a few questions which we hope someone may be able to help us with:-

1. How easy is the registration process through the SCIA?

Has anybody had problems caused by common reporting standards (CRS)?