Verucchio (Emilia Romagna)

Verucchio is a town in the province of Rimini, region of Emilia-Romagna. The small town is also known as the “cradle of the Malatesta family” not because this is where the family originates from, but where it came to power, thanks to Giovanni della Penna dei Billi (1150-90), known as Malatesta. Structured as a mediaeval village and rich in historical buildings, Verucchio stands on two hills, once crowned by imposing fortresses, Passerello Fortress - on whose remains a monastery now stands - and Sasso Fortress, now the Rocca Malatestiana, also known as Castel del Sasso, or "Castle of the Rock"). It is one of largest and better conserved Malatestian fortifications, and was the birthplace of Malatesta da Verucchio. Other monuments include Rocca del Passerello and the Franciscan Monastery.

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