Greccio (Lazio)

Greccio is an old hilltown and comune of the province of Rieti in the Italian region of Lazio. Greccio is well known for having hosted several times Saint Francis of Assisi who, here, commemorated for the first time the representation of the Nativity scene in 1223. It is a stage of Francesco's way and it is part of the association 'Borghi più belli d'italia'. The ancient medieval hamlet, which benefits from an excellent panorama, preserves part of the old castle flooring (around the XI century) and three of the six towers of which the older one was transformed into the Bell Tower in the XVII century. The parish church dedicated to the archangel Michael rises next to the bell tower on the top of a spectacular staircase and dates back to the XIV century.

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This re-interpretation of a Roman favorite is a sure hit for summertime.


This delicious pie is filled with sweet fluffy ricotta, perfectly balanced with a tang of sour cherry jam.


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Fast and filling, this rustic Roman dish is perfect for a hassle-free summer dinner that doesn’t skimp on flavor.

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