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Italy Newsletters

April 2020

  • The best Italy digital events for April, parenting during a pandemic and our recipe of the week: pizza rustica

March 2020

  • Our Italy Stay Strong series continues, where to watch opera online and our recipe of the week!
  • Four Italian museums you can visit virtually, a lemon pasta recipe we love and a new story in our "Italy Stay Strong" series
  • Coronavirus in Italy resources and tips, our new Italy Stay Strong series, and a dolce for The Feast of St. Joseph.
  • Michelangelo's secret room, an eco-sustainable adventure in Sicily and Raphael in Rome.  

February 2020

  • Helpful resources regarding the Coronavirus and Italy, big news at Pompeii and our recipe of the week
  • The last days to see Raphael's tapestries at the Sistine Chapel, carnival treats and back to your Italian roots!
  • From Italy with love this Valentine's Day - here's our weekly roundup
  • The slow travel haven of Abruzzo, news about the Trevi Fountain and the best romantic Italian villages

January 2020

  • Dante gets his own day, news from up north and our recipe of the week
  • Travel news for Italy this 2020, Italian Dual Citizenship queries answered and our recipe of the week
  • Raphael 2020, a good luck cake from Venice & what Italian cities made the "52 places" to visit by the New York Times
  • Interview with the creator of Pasta Grannies and Back to Your Italian Roots
  • 2020 in Italy - Exhibits, festivals, events, recipes to kick off a new decade!

December 2019

November 2019

  • What you need to know before buying a property in Italy, wine expressions and the 2020 Michelin Guide!
  • Weather updates in Italy, plastic-free ski area and "back to your Italian roots"
  • Italy's chocolate festivals, discovering ancient Etruscan civilizations and Elena Ferrante's latest novel
  • Nutella has something new in store, exploring Abruzzo and a new life in Tuscany's Lunigiana
  • What you need to know for this November in Italy

October 2019

  • Discovering Calabria, news about Cavallerizza Reale in Turin and Italy's best savory pies
  • Local experts talk Venice tax, bike around Bologna and bad news for Parmesan lovers
  • News for Cinque Terre's most popular path, less-crowded Rome and coffee around the boot!
  • What you need to know this October in Italy

September 2019

  • Tips from an Amalfi expert, the best pizza in Italy, and a pecorino buyer's guide!
  • Packing tips from a travel expert, a Tuscan mill for sale and our recipe of the week!
  • Tuscan wine festivals, what to bring home from Sicily and true stories of buying a property in Italy
  • What you need to know for this September in Italy

August 2019

  • The return of the Venice Film Festival, exploring the origin of Cacio e Pepe pasta and artisanal coffee from Bologna
  • Travel tips for Campania's islands and UNESCO-heritage sites and Siena's mosaic floor unveiled
  • Discovering Italy in Dublin, celebrating summer's spaghetti alle vongole and buying an investment property in Lazio
  • Exploring the coasts and villages of Sicily and Amalfi, new rules in Rome and controversy over Dante
  • The best events and festivals around Italy this August and Rome says NAY to a McDonalds at the Bath of Caracalla

July 2019

  • Calabria's city of art, Italy cracks down on coffee offenders in Venice and our recipe of the week
  • Prosecco Hills added to Unesco, Raising children in a bilingual household and our recipe of the week
  • New Rules for Visitors to Rome, Our Sicilian Granita Guide and Hiking in the Dolomites
  • Tips on traveling to Italy with kids, Stromboli erupts and our recipe of the week

June 2019

  • Big news from Milan, a summer tiramisu and following the footsteps of medieval monks
  • How to have a dolce vita lifestyle in Le Marche, the best castles in Italy and Emilia-Romagna's top food museums!
  • Discovering the Etruscans, visiting Sardinia with kids, and trip planning top tips!
  • One of Capri's most panoramic walks, a cruise ship loses control in Venice and visiting Southern Italy without a car

May 2019

  • What you need to know for this June in Italy
  • A guide to buying limoncello, the rundown on the Venice Art Biennale and our recipe of the week
  • Val D’Orcia's majestic steam train in Tuscany, reconnecting with relatives in Italy and new findings at Emperor Nero’s villa in ancient Rome
  • Which exhibitions you need to see centered around the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci and our language lesson of the week
  • Looking forward to May in Italy? Here's our roundup of the best events & festivals plus other features you might have missed!

April 2019

  • Wind down the month of Italy with our latest feature roundup! Train travel tips for 2019 and where to go with kids in Tuscany
  • Happy Easter from Italy Magazine and here's what articles you don't want to miss this week!
  • Do you qualify for Italian dual-citizenship? Plus a new feature in our new series of property ownership in Italy!
  • The other Lake Como, our borgo of the month and a reason to go to Rome!

March 2019

  • Share your Italy with us in a special photo contest, plus our best features from the week!
  • A new story in our series "Back to Your Italian Roots", cheesy focaccia and the pasta eaters of Naples
  • New rules for those visiting Cinque Terre, the latest in our true stories series of property ownership in Italy
  • Tried-and-true tips to help you go home with something you’ll cherish for years, museum week and celebrating the extraordinary Samantha Cristoforetti
  • Put a Spring in your step with this roundup of the best events in Italy this March from North to South

February 2019

  • Big news about the Vasari Corridor, what you need to know about Italian real estate agents and our recipe of the week
  • A new reason to visit Ravenna, Italy’s top castles for romantic escapes and our recipe of the week!
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s thumbprint, Iconic moments in Italian cinema and phrases of love you need to know
  • What you need to conquer Italy this February

January 2019

  • What’s New in Italy for 2019, the Local Reaction to "My Brilliant Friend" and How to Book the Last Supper
  • New series on buying property is unveiled, pasta for dessert, and how to win a sabbatical to Italy
  • Ring in the new year with ITALY: events & festivals you need to know and news about Venice
  • Why Winter in Italy is a Great Idea, Renaissance Masterchefs & Dual-Citizenship Help!

December 2018

  • How to use leftover panettone, an earthquake in Sicily, and our Italian language lesson of the week!
  • Happy Holidays from Italy Magazine!
  • Where to spot the best Christmas lights in Italy, double negatives and our recipe of the week
  • An artisanal Christmas, a monument to Michelangelo, navigating healthcare in Italy and more!

November 2018

  • What's on this December in Italy, a homage to Bernardo Bertolucci and more!
  • Hiking in Amalfi, one family's move to Abruzzo and where to winter in Italy!
  • ‘My Brilliant Friend’ premieres on HBO, the uncrowded Venice and our recipe of the week
  • The best villages to visit in Italy this Fall, Sicilian train travel and our recipe of the week
  • What you need to know this November in Italy and UNESCO sites at risk

October 2018

  • Big news in Pompei, Palermo travel tips & one family's move from the UK to Tuscany
  • Celebrating autumn in Italy and where to find the best hot springs
  • The best food festivals this Autumn in Italy, butternut squash cappellacci, and alternatives to Pompeii
  • What to do this October in Italy, health tips from Ancient Romans and our Italy-wide coffee guide

September 2018

  • Venice considers a ban on sitting, why Abruzzo should be your next trip and our recipe of the week
  • Why Venice is better in black & white plus how to own a second home in Italy, stress-free!
  • Exploring the island of Procida, Starbucks comes to Italy and our recipe of the week
  • The best "grape" escapes this September and panino-warfare in Florence

August 2018

  • How to best enjoy Italy this September and the history of chocolate
  • Take a tour of Rome's monumental mountains, a time-honored recipe and our summer movie list
  • What you need to know to conquer Italy this August

July 2018

  • Vatican museum tips, summer recipes & 10 Italian inventors you need to know
  • A new addition to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Lake Garda's bike path, and our recipe of the week
  • Best free beaches in Amalfi, dating in small-town Italy & a new city gets UNESCO status
  • Our July roundup of the best events in Italy plus reviewing "Bella Figura"

June 2018

  • What to buy in Amalfi, an unsung museum in Rome & finding your Italian ancestry
  • Italy's best summer music festivals, Catania's market & our recipe of the week
  • Our Mid-June Picks for Tuscan Summer Festivals and What to do for Free in Bologna
  • Napoli's pizza village, a hidden Bernini masterpiece and authentic Venetian souvenirs
  • What's hot this June in Italy & a new find in Pompeii

May 2018

  • Insider Travel tips from South Tyrol to Sicily's Best Beaches, This You Don't Want to Miss
  • The scoop on where to get the best gelato in Rome and our recipe of the week
  • Explore our giro d'Italia-inspired tour of Italy through some most picturesque locations & our recipe of the week
  • The best of May this month around Italy and a pizza pop-up museum is coming to NYC

April 2018

  • Part Two of Italy's Best Wine Villages & Our Recipe of the Week
  • This Spring embark on wine-infused adventures and save our 29 tips for discovering Rome
  • Best festivals this Spring, a new opening in Rome and stress-tips from Tuscans
  • Spring has sprung with our roundup of what you need to know this April in Italy

March 2018

  • Recipes for Easter and What to do for Pasquetta in Italy
  • Easter and the Holy Week, Five top historic trattorias in Rome and Caravaggio's Masterpieces
  • Beware the ides of March, where to find Italy in Pittsburgh, what’s new at the Uffizi for 2018
  • Our guide to the best neighborhoods in the Eternal city and a special Roman discovery
  • Kicking off the month of March with our roundup of events & festivals and a chance to own Michelangelo's villa!

February 2018

  • A virtual visit of the Baths of Caracalla and a new addition of "back to your Italian roots."
  • Discover a more "hidden" Italy and a reason to visit L’Aquila in 2018
  • The Venetian ball described as "one of the ten things one must do in one’s lifetime" and our recipe of the week!
  • A short month with plenty to love, here's why we adore February in Italy

January 2018

  • How To Travel Smarter This Winter in Italy
  • Art exhibits you'll want to see this year in Italy and our recipe of the week
  • The hottest exhibitions in Italy to keep you warm, a look into Naples and a fascinating island you probably don't know about
  • Kicking off 2018 with the best events and festivals you don't want to miss around Italy

December 2017

November 2017

October 2017

September 2017

August 2017

July 2017

June 2017

May 2017

  • Big news for one famous Roman monument and our travel tips of the week!
  • Arrivederci, but never goodbye, to the month of May in Italy!
  • Find out Italy's quirkiest rituals and our recipe of the week!
  • Hidden Venice, the prettiest villages in Friuli & more!
  • What You Need to know for May in Italy

April 2017

March 2017

February 2017

January 2017

December 2016

November 2016

October 2016

  • Saying "arrivederci" to October with our top picks of the week
  • Where to "Wine" in Piedmont and our latest #MadeInItaly finds!
  • We've caught the Inferno fever and you don't want to miss our recipe of the week!
  • A travel guide to Piedmont, a tasty recipe of the week and our favorite made-In-Italy finds!

September 2016

August 2016

July 2016

June 2016

May 2016

  • Our Italy Travel Suggestions Of The Week & Piedmont Local Eats
  • A literary guide to Tuscany, our recipe of the week and more.
  • Our insider tips of the week, Friday nights at the Vatican and more!
  • Kicking Off May With A Foodie Bang

April 2016

March 2016

February 2016

January 2016

  • Top Italy Experiences For 2016, A Winter Recipe & The Best Carnival Celebrations
  • What's New In Italy for 2016
  • Foodie Guides, A Secret Area of Italy And Our Recipe Of The Week
  • Ready for winter adventures in South Tyrol? ‘Saldi’ (Sale) Season Is Upon Us & Tasty New Italian Recipes

December 2015

November 2015

October 2015

  • What’s On This November, Mantova Travel Tips & Our Latest Fall Recipes
  • Spooky secrets in small towns, a hiking guide to Abruzzo & embracing local coffee culture.
  • Olive Oil Resorts To Visit, A Walk Through Rome’s Forum & Tasty Ideas For The Weekend
  • The Curse Of Lake Como, A High-Altitude Wine & Our Fall Flavors
  • Finding Franciacorta, Amazin launches Made-In-Italy, and Truffle Fever
  • Our October Hot List, The Pope’s Visit To The USA, & The Most Beautiful Small Towns

September 2015

July 2015

  • Welcoming in August with the best events, recipes and latest news
  • Heat-wave escapes, newly-restored mosaic in Pompeii, and travel tips for lovely Turin!
  • The Latest News For This Year's 72nd Film Festival In Venice And More!
  • Back from ‘Ferie’ with plenty of travel tips, a new series, recipes & more!
  • Dangerous roads, beautiful parks and interesting properties for sale in Italy
  • Where to go in Milan, featuring Franco Zeffirelli and limoncello sorbet
  • The best of Italy this July, a foodie guide to gelato and the latest properties for sale

June 2015

  • Get Lost in Unique Italy, Plus Our Top Italian Recipes
  • Best quotes about Italy is just the beginning
  • Drool-Worthy Italian Summer Desserts, Italian tips for the home and much more!
  • Celebrating Italy as a republic, the best events to kick off June this month and more news!

May 2015

  • Winding down May with a list of fabulous Italian resorts to visit, a luxury tour in Salento, new gelato app, and much more
  • Hidden Borgi you can't miss, our recipe of the week and blue-flag Italian beaches!
  • Title: Off-The-Beaten-Path Italy travel guides, the priciest real estate in Italy and our recipe of the week
  • An ancient craft from Puglia, the 750th birthday of a famous poet, and the Roman Forum gets brighter!

April 2015

  • The world's oldest restaurant owner, new properties in Italy for sale and the love for a 'Siesta'
  • Title: Our day trip ideas, nature steam trains, someone’s 2768th birthday and more!
  • An iconic artist and inventor’s birthday, new recipes, properties for sale and more!
  • Exciting news for those who love museums, Italian fashion and more!
  • Buona Pasqua!

March 2015

February 2015

January 2015

December 2014

November 2014

October 2014

September 2014

August 2014

July 2014

June 2014

May 2014

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