Arrone (Umbria)

Arrone is a town in the Province of Terni in the Italian region Umbria. Set in a pristine natural environment, the territory lies within the Nera River Park, which offers a variety of opportunities: a permanent educational workshop, thanks to a number of guided activities, from trekking to excursionist itineraries. Sports tourism is very developed in Arrone, thanks to its water sports (canoeing, rafting, white water rafting, and canyoning) and free-climbing on its natural rocky cliffs.

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Recipes From Umbria


This not-too-sweet autumn treat from Umbria is packed with fruit, nuts and zesty flavor.


Ciaramicola, a lemon spice cake, covered with meringue and topped with sprinkles, is a classic Easter cake from the Perugia province of Umbria. It is customary for a woman to give one to her lover or fiancé on Easter morning as a symbol of her affection.


Our food writer Cindy Swain shares her best recipe for the tasty scafata, a bean dish made with fava beans, swiss chard and onion.

This week Amy Gulick shares a recipe that takes inspiration from the classic 'vongole'(clam) dish from the Campagnia region. A hearty clam soup with beans that will make anyone's mouth water.

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