Massa Martana (Umbria)

Massa Martana is an ancient Italian town in the Monti Martani mountain range in the province of Perugia. It is one of the classic walled towns of central Italy, and in its main gate can be seen several ancient inscriptions, including a Roman one of some interest. The territory of the commune includes three well-preserved Romanesque churches, each built in part of Roman stone in the abbeys of S. Fidenzio, of Santa Maria in Pantano and of San Faustino. The medieval abbey church of Santa Maria in Viepri was erected in the 12th century. The modern shrine at Colvalenza (6 km southwest) now draws pilgrims. Massa Martana town has an annual ice-cream festival ("sagra del gelato") in early August each year. During the Christmas period in Massa Martana is held a popular Christmas Exhibition, named "Presepi d'Italia" with Traditional Christmas Cribs and Art works: all dedicated to the Holy Nativity. The artworks are coming from all the Italian regions and are characterised by their local tradition and different culture.

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Buongiorno tutti.  We have owned a home in Ficulle for about 5 years.  Our caretaker and his wife have recently told us they will no longer be able to care for our home.  So we are in need of help to clean, care for our 80 vines, 30 very young olive trees, take care of the lawn, plants welcome gu

@Montie55 asks:

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